Sample Clean-up Service
Sample Clean-up Service
At AccuGene, we provide Sample Clean-up services. Our service involves using blood-based sample purification to separate and purify the 50 bp ~ 20 Kbp DNA fragments and remove various enzyme reactants (e.g. restriction enzymes, A-tailing reactants, Labeling reactants, etc.) and impurities (e.g. dimers, salts, dNTPs, enzymes, mineral oils, dyes, detergents, etc.) related to PCR products. The purified DNA is of the highest quality and can be used for various molecular biology tests including Litigation, PCR, Sequencing, NGS, etc.
Customized Service
Sample Clean-up Service
What is Sample Clean-up ?
This is the process of removing impurities within the sample and effectively separating and purifying the DNA fragment with precision.

Rapid Results

Results delivered within one week of sample registration
*TAT may change based on the sample quantity

High Purity

Removal of enzymatic reactants and impurities related to PCR reactions to obtain high-quality DNA.

Quality Assurance

High-quality DNA is effectively and quickly separated and purified for R&D and clinical research purposes
Sample Clean-up Service Process

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