Nucleic Acid Extraction Service

DNA Extraction

Nucleic Acid Extraction Service
At AccuGene, we provide both nucleic acid extraction and sample QC services. Our nucleic acid extraction service for tissue, cell, blood, serum, saliva, plant, and insect samples are backed by many years of experience. We utilize the most optimal method for each sample to extract DNA with the highest purity and yield. You can check the quality of the DNA sample with the quick and accurate report generated at the end of the analysis.
Customized Service
Nucleic Acid Extraction Service
What is nucleic acid extraction?
This is the process of extracting high purity and yield genomic DNA from various samples such as blood, animal tissue, cultured cells, etc. using the most optimized method for each sample type.

Rapid Results

Results delivered within two weeks of sample registration
*TAT may change based on the sample quantity
Various Samples
We can extract gDNA from various samples (Blood, Saliva, Buccal, Fresh/Frozen Tissue, Stool, FFPE, Plasma, Urine, BioFluid, Hair, Plant, Insect, etc.)
Quality Assurance
High-quality results made available for R&D and clinical research purposes
Nucleic Acid Extraction Service Process

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