Specimen Collection Swab
Specimen Collection Swab

The Specimen Collection Swab is a convenient tool that is used for collecting various samples such as oral epithelial cells, nasal epithelial cells, skin epithelial cells, body fluids, and stool samples. The swab features a sterilized Nylon Fiber tip and a break point to enable a contamination-free method for collecting, preserving, and transporting the sample in the medium included in the AccuCollection Kit product line.

The Nylon Fiber is equipped with a state-of-the-art ‘Spray-on Technology’ which allows the swab to capture large amounts of cells and be released into the medium that makes it ideal for quick elution.

Specimen Collection Swab

It utilizes state of the art “spray on technology” that the flocking process by means of an electro-static charge perpendicularly attaches millions of nylon microfibers on the medical grade handle tip.


Suitable for a wide range of applications based on the user’s sample collection needs


Stable sample preservation


Minimized contamination issues for accurate results


Elongated end-tab for easy grip