The AccuSenseBead consists of superparamagnetic beads that purify the DNA/RNA and uses its affinity to make it bind to the magnetic beads. The purified DNA/RNA is suitable for immediate use in NGS, PCR, genotyping, etc. The DNA/RNA that has been purified by the magnetic beads do not require centrifugation, vacuum, or filtration which allows for quicker DNA/RNA separation compared to the standard procedure.



Cat : 5 ml : ACN 02.05 / 50 ml : ACN 02.50


For rapid and simple extraction of DNA/RNA from the sample


No organic solvents make it safe to use

Easy & Fast

Easy and quick DNA/RNA separation and purification


Highly concentrated DNA/RNA recovery


Cost-effective and high quality compared to competitors

High Accuracy & Reproducibility

Precise and reproducible results are comprised of consistent particle size for academic and clinical research use

AccuSenseBead Experimental Procedure

AccuSensBead image of Magnetic particles for Nucleic acids purification.

Uniform size of Magnetic bead is well seen at AccuSenseBead image of silica coated magnetic bead.

AccuSensBead magnification  image of Magnetic Bead AccuSenseBead image show that Magnetic Bead are sphere shape and coated with silica completely.