AccuUrine DNA Preparation Kit
AccuUrine DNA Preparation Kit
The AccuUrine DNA Preparation Kit relies on the magnetic separation method to separate, concentrate, and purify DNA and generates DNA faster than centrifugation. Since no centrifugation is needed, the DNA can be extracted quickly and efficiently from the urine sample and the kit contains DNA binding beads with high binding capacity that separate, concentrate, and purify DNA to generate highly concentrated and high-quality DNA.


AccuUrine DNA
Preparation Kit

Cat : ACN 06.50


For the rapid preparation of high quality DNA from small amounts of non-precipitated fresh or frozen urine

Input Amount

750 ㎕

Processing Time

< 1 hour (incl. lysis time)



Elution Volume

20 ~ 100 ㎕


≥ 10 ng


Magnetic bead-type format makes the process convenient

Easy & Fast

Quick and easy DNA extraction from urine sample without precipitation

High Concentration & High Purity

Highly concentrated and high-quality DNA extraction


No organic solvents make it safe to use


Cost-effective and high quality compared to competitors


PCR, Real Time PCR, NGS, Sequencing, Microarray, etc.

Experimental Procedure

Pre-treatment steps(For Biofluidic DNA)

Pre-treatment steps(For Cellular DNA)

DNA Extraction steps

Experimental Data