AccuCirculating DNA Preparation Kit
AccuCirculating DNA Preparation Kit
The AccuCirculating DNA Preparation Kit is a magnetic bead-type kit that can separate short segments of concentrated DNA from ≤ 500 ㎕ of plasma and 100 ~ 200 bp of serum. This kit can be used to quickly extract highly concentrated and high-quality cfDNA.


DNA Preparation Kit

Cat : ACN 10.50


For rapid and simple purification of cell-free circulating DNA from plasma/serum samples

Sample Type

Plasma, Serum

Input Amount

100 ~ 500 ㎕

Processing Time

< 1 hour



Elution Volume

20 ~ 100 ㎕


≥ 1 ng


Magnetic bead-type format makes the process convenient

Small Input Amount

cfDNA extraction possible from small amounts of plasma and serum

High Concentration & High Purity

Highly concentrated and high-quality cfDNA extraction

Patent Application

First commercial product and patent in South Korea


PCR, Real Time PCR, NGS, Sequencing, Microarray, etc.

Experimental Procedure

Pre-treatment steps

DNA Extraction steps

Experimental Data