AccuFASTprep Kit
AccuFASTprep Kit
The AccuFASTprep kits (e.g. Saliva, Blood, Buccal, Plasma, Stool, Hair, Plant, etc.) can be used to extract high-purity and high-yield DNA/RNA. The kit contains beads that have high DNA/RNA binding properties and reagents that are essential for nucleic acid extraction to increase the user’s convenience.


AccuFASTprep Kit

Cat : ACN 16.96 / ACN 17.96 / ACN 19.96 / ACN 22.96 / ACN 24.96
ACN 25.96 / ACN 26.96 / ACN 27.96 / ACN 15.40 / ACN 18.40


For the rapid preparation of high-quality DNA/RNA from small amounts of 

various samples using the automated DNA/RNA prep kit

Various & Profuse

DNA/RNA extraction possible with various sample types and large sample quantities


Highly concentrated DNA/RNA can be extracted within 1 hour

High Purity

High-quality DNA results


Reduces human error and contamination issues for accurate results


PCR, Real Time PCR, Sequencing, NGS, Microarray, etc.

Sample Preparation & Pre-treatment steps

Sampling (For General Biofluid Samples)

Sampling (Specifically For Serum/Plasma Samples)

Sampling (For Swab Samples)

DNA/RNA Extraction steps

Experimental Data