AccuSaliva & Nasal Swab Collection Kit
AccuSaliva & Nasal Swab Collection Kit
The AccuSaliva & Nasal Collection Kit is a spit and nasal swab type kit for collecting DNA/RNA from the two samples. This kit is designed to collect the highest quality DNA/RNA from the saliva sample and the stability of the sample is preserved for both transportation and long-term storage.


AccuSaliva & Nasal Swab Collection Kit

Cat : ACN 71.01


All-in-one system for the collection, stabilization, and transportation of nucleic acid from saliva and nasal samples

Preservation Buffer Volume

1 ml


Saliva, Nasal

Specimen Stability at Room Temperature

3 Years

DNA Yield

< 50 µg

Molecular Weight

> 23 kb


Efficient sample collection from saliva and nasopharynx

Easy & Fast

User-friendly instructions included for convenient use


Contents are packaged in a single lightweight plastic box for easy storage and transportation

High Purity

DNA/RNA extraction possible from small amounts of samples


Stable preservation of nucleic acid for 3 years


PCR, Real Time PCR, Sequencing,
Microarray, etc.

User Guide


Please refrain from brushing teeth, eating food (including water), chewing gum, smoking, and rinsing with mouthwash for 30 minutes before sampling. Before sampling, gently massage both cheeks by rubbing them in circles. Remove lipstick and lip stains (tints).


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