AccuRNA Collection Kit
AccuRNA Collection Kit

The AccuRNA Collection Kit is a sample collection kit for RNA extraction.

This kit is designed to preserve the RNA within the sample and allows for the extraction of high-quality RNA even when the sample is transported or in storage.


AccuRNA Collection Kit

Cat : ACN 121.01


All-in-one system for the collection, stabilization, and
transportation of RNA from Saliva, Stool, Bacterial Cell and etc. samples

Preservation Buffer Volume

1 ml


Saliva, Stool, Bacterial Cell, etc.

Specimen stability at room temperature

2 weeks

RNA integrity number

RIN ≥ 7.0

White Label Service


Easy collection, storage, and transport of RNA from sample


Stable and accurate results


Stable sample preservation and transportation possible


Optimal composition for sample collection


Compatible with various RNA extraction kits

User Guide


1. Do not use expired products.
2. Do not use kits with preservation buffers that are discolored.
3. Do not use kits that are damaged or have been opend.
4. Do not use kits that are leaking or show signs of leakage.
6. Do not use kits that have abnormalities other than ① ~ ⑤.
7. Read instructions carefully and thoroughly before use.
8. Use the kit immediately upon opening.
9. Do not consume the preservation buffer.
10. If the preservation buffer comes in contact with eyes or skin, wash the area thoroughly with water.



11. Do not apply excessive pressure when collecting the samples.
12. Be careful and avoid contamination when opening and using the swab.
13. All clinical samples may cause infection and safety gear is required during sample collection.
14. Treat all samples and used devices as potential sources of infection.
15. Properly discard the used kit as medical waste.
16. This is a single-use kit and cannot be reused.
17. Use the kit only for in vitro diagnostics purposes.
18. Wash hands thoroughly after use.
19. Once the samples are collected, close the cap to prevent contamination and leakage.
20. Store the samples at 4 ℃ or lower after collection.


Experimental Data