Microbiome Analysis


Microbiome Analysis
Our microbiome analysis is conducted using Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) to analyze the details of microbiomes that are found in the collected sample such as the microbiome type and quantity. This data is used to generate personalized health and gut health improvement solutions that are specifically geared towards the individual’s microbiome profile.
Microbiome analysis
Microbiome Analysis B2B Service

1. Sample Collection > 2. DNA Extraction > 3. NGS(Next-Generation Sequencing) > 4. Bioinformatics Analysis > 5. Report Delivery via LIMS

What is the Microbiome Analysis B2B Service?

At AccuGene, we offer a comprehensive solution for microbiome analysis that includes sample collection kits, nucleic acid extraction kits, an automated DNA extraction system, and LIMS support to track analysis progress and manage results.

We provide products and services that best fit your laboratory testing needs from start to finish or in certain stages throughout the process.

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Microbiome Analysis Process