Accurate and personalized medicine
starts here at AccuGene.
AccuGene will lead the development of cutting-edge biotechnology products and services and the realization of personalized medicine.
Since 2014, we have been looking for ways to lead the paradigm shift from treatment to prevention by supporting
professionals and laboratory technicians in the fields of family medicine, clinical research, molecular diagnostics, and molecular
biology with the resources used for genetic testing, state-of-the-art diagnostic development, and personalized medicine.
CEO’s Message &
Core Values

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From our Foundation to Present

AccuGene has been researching and developing various genomic solutions that include molecular diagnostic reagents, kits, equipment, and analysis services from the beginning to the present for the purpose of laying the foundation for the future generation of personalized care and treatment .
As a bioventure, we focus on making various products and services widely available in addition to research and development. We formed partnerships with several domestic companies in South Korea and established an office in the U.S. to expand our product and service offerings on an international scale encompassing the U.S., Canada, and other countries around the world.


Future Plans

We will apply the big data analytics to the human genomic and microbiome data (e.g. gut, skin, oral cavity, etc.) that we have accumulated to develop fast and precise diagnosis technologies, create substances that will be candidates for treatment, discover new beneficial microorganisms, and continue to seek ways to overcome intractable diseases including cancer in the ever-evolving medical environment.
We do not plan on settling with what we have now and hope that you will look forward to AccuGene’s drive to pursue innovative solutions for the future. Thank you.

Soon Jae Kwon,
Corporate Identity
Our logo features a familiar DNA double helix structure, which intuitively connects AccuGene’s brand service with technical skills and manpower as a holistic combination.
Corporate Colors
AccuGene’s colors reflect our corporate values and are essential to our brand image. Using the colors under the default specifications is recommended.
Company History


- Selected in the 'Youth-friendly' Strong Small Business (The Minister of Employment and Labor)


- Family Friendly Management Certification (The Minister of Gender Equality and Family of the Republic of Korea)


- Incheon Metropolitan City’s Outstanding Enterprise ‘Visionary‘ Award


- Korean Ministry of SMEs and Startups Management Innovation SME (MAIN-BIZ) Award


- Selected in the 'Promising Technology' category at the 2022 Most Beautiful Factory Awards in Incheon (Incheon Metropolitan City)


- $20 Million Export Tower Award (Korea International Trade Association)


- 2021 World-class Product Certification Recipient (South Korean Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy)
- Headquarters Relocation (New corporate building in Songdo, Incheon)


- International Standard Certification Acquisition Support Project Selection


- In Vitro Diagnostic Medical Device Skill Set Customization Support Project Selection


- Standard Work Process Support Project Selection


- Smart Factory Construction & Upgrading Project completed (New Construction)


- AccuViral Collection Kit Medical Device Import Business Registration


- AccuViral Collection Kit FDA Medical Device Registration


- AccuViral Collection Kit MFDS Medical Device Registration