Oral Microbiome Analysis

Microbiome Analysis
Oral Microbiome Analysis Service
What is the ORAL CARE oral microbiome analysis?

AccuGene’s ORAL CARE oral microbiome analysis involves analyzing the quantity and different types of microbiota that live in your oral cavity via Next-Generation Sequencing(NGS). The analysis results are used to generate a personalized microbiome report and oral health management plan to improve and maintain a healthy oral cavity.

Next-Generation Sequencing(NGS) is the most precise method for analyzing the various microbiota in the oral cavity. Check and take good care of your oral health with our accurate NGS-based Oral Care oral microbiome analysis service!

Analysis process

1. Sample Collection > 2. Nucleic Acid Extraction > 3. Next-Generation Sequencing(NGS) > 4. Microbiome Analysis > 5. Report Delivery via LIMS

Experimental Data